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Benefits of Having Right Safety Equipments

Personal Protective Equipment

Your employer must provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to you free of charge. You must use this correctly and follow the training and instruction you've been given.

In some jobs, failure to use PPE properly can be grounds for disciplinary action or even dismissal. However, you can refuse to wear PPE if it puts your safety at risk, because it doesn't fit properly for example. Ask your employer or the firm's safety representative for the right size.

Most Industries and Jobs need man power who rely on some type of equipment, such as Safety Helmet, or Eye Wear & other Protective equipment – such as Fall Arrest Nets, Safety Gloves and Gum Boots– can significantly reduce the risk of injury by absorbing the impact of falls or collisions. Safety suggestions include:

  • If your equipment is handheld, make sure you are using the right grip
  • Make sure your equipment is appropriate to your size and comfort.
  • Wear appropriate shoes for your work and replace them before they wear out.
  • Protective equipment should be worn during work, not just to show but to protect yourself from any accident.
  • Check equipment regularly and replace if worn out. If you are unsure how to maintain or check your equipment, consult with your instructor.
  • Injuries can be avioded by wearing right kind of safety equipments.

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